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Night post 6

10. Background knowledge:  List 5 things you already know about this subject/person.

  1.  Holocaust created the word genocide- the mass killing of one kind of religion of population.
  2. The Nazis targeted mainly Jews, Homosexuals, Catholics, Jahova witnesses, and anybody with a mental or physical disability 
  3. The People in the concentration camps died in gas chambers, hunger, disease, and experiments.
  4. Many of the victims in the concentration camps became atheist after the holocaust experience, they wondered why God would let this happen to them
  5. many people were separated from there families and given tattoos of what number they were in the camp on their arm
Night post 5


I would Recommend this book to few people. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy learning about the Holocaust and are interested in WW2. This book really shows what it was like to be in the the position of all the people that that tragically end up in the concentration camps.

Night post 4#

16.  IMAGES:  Photographs or artwork that will help the reader understand the text.  Include a citation for any images found on the web. 

This Picture accuratly shows how devistating the holocaust was. It shows how many people were killed and how much the Nazis cared. They just through the bodies in piles.


NIght post 3#

4. Characters:  Give a brief explanation of the main characters in your story.  Identify the protagonist, antagonist, narrator and other important characters.

Eliezer - Is the Narrirator of Night, and is the main character and the Antagonist

Nazis -  The protagonist throughout the story, the ones that beat, killed and tourtured the jews.

Moshe the Beadle -  Eliezer’s teacher of Jewish mysticism, Moshe is a poor Jew who lives in Sighet. He is sent away before the rest of the Sighet Jews but escapes and returns to tell the town that the Nazis are killing the Jews. But people don’t believe him and think hes crazy.

Akiba Drumer  -  A Jewish Holocaust victim who slowly loses his faith in God as a result of his experiences in the concentration camps.

Hilda -  Eliezer’s oldest sister.

Béa -  Eliezer’s middle sister.

Tzipora -  Eliezer’s youngest sister

Night Vocab #2


Write six new vocabulary words that you learned from this book. List the words with the definition in your own words.

Charnel house–A building used to store dead bodies.

Gestapo- German police that went to find the hidden Jews and controlled the streets


stupefied—Stunned and/or Shocked. In disbaleif

Red Army—Army of the Soviet Union

privations—Lack of every day supplies.

pillage—To steal other peoples property

11. Topic Night post #1

11. Topic:  What is your book about?  Describe the person, event, process, or topic in this book.

My book is about the all the hard times a Jewish family went through during the Holocaust, and World War 2. This book tells you one kids story about what happened to him and his beloved family during the holocaust. The family goes through the worst of times and cant believe any of this is happening. Everybody is in disbaleif and all they can do is pray that things get back to normal.